Automate the drudgery with nventory!

Automate the drudgery with nventory!


A light-weight NMAP wrapper based on

alt text


  1. Linux, MacOSX
  2. python2
  3. libsqlite3-dev
  4. pysqlite (


  1. cd to $ nventory-master/installer
  2. $ sudo python2
  3. You’re done!


$ nventory

What’s next?

Everything else from this point is straight-forward.

You can use list files (-iL) for inventorying multiple hosts.

You can explicitly type specifc single hosts for inventory as well.

All working elements of this software are located at /opt/nventory.

Actual database location: /opt/nventory/database/database.db.

Feel free to fork it / break it / bop it.



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